Why farecooperativa.it?


Legacoop Emilia-Romagna is the representational association of co-operatives that operate in this Italian region, which is home to the country’s highest rate of co-operation.

Through its portal farecooperativa.it, the association proposes a path for approaching co-operation to all those subjects who are potentially interested in obtaining more information, and also to all those individuals who are ready to take direct action.

We hope this area becomes a reference point for young people looking to start up an enterprise, and who are convinced or are evaluating the idea of setting up their business as a co-operative.  These may include young people who have just received their A level certificate, university researchers with a new, brilliant idea to put onto the market, or even recent graduates who have decided to jointly face the world of employment by forming what have been defined as the new co-operatives of knowledge (where working members have increased levels of education and expertise in the world of science or advanced services).

However, new co-operatives are also created by former employees who bail out businesses that are experiencing a company crisis for reasons not related to the market. By telling the stories of established co-operatives and attempting to jointly go through the steps on how to form a co-operative and save marketing knowledge and contacts, we also intend addressing those workers who are assessing the workers buyout formula to jointly manage their enterprise.

Working in schools over the years on specific projects or projects common to the entire region such as Rete Regionale Bellacoopia has allowed us to ascertain that secondary-school students and their teachers understand and appreciate the co-operative development model. Co-operation has strengthened the region of Emilia-Romagna, has ensured communities remain united and has preserved values from one generation to the next. This site contains useful information for students on subjects such as current initiatives, and teachers can contact us if they would like access to school programmes: Contests for ideas, tours of co-operatives, educational tours on co-operation and international exchanges.


For further information, please contact our head office:
Legacoop Emilia-Romagna
Roberta Trovarelli